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Summit Negotiations partners with Cheam First Nation

VANCOUVER — July 2, 2009 –Summit Negotiations Society forms partnership with the Cheam First Nation to explore ways to enhance the negotiation capacity of First Nations Peoples using Smartsettle eNegotiation technology in cross cultural negotiations.

Summit Negotiations Society was founded recently to build negotiation capacity among the aboriginal peoples of Canada. Their goal is to apply dispute resolution and eNegotiation technologies to longstanding disputes and business negotiations involving First Nations and other aboriginal peoples and organizations in the for-profit or government sectors.

The Cheam Indian Band are a Stó:lō people living in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia, Canada. They traditionally speak the Upriver dialect of Halkomelem, one of the Salishan family of languages of the Coast Salish peoples. The name Cheam means “wild strawberry place.” The band services two reserves on the north shore of Cheam Lake.

Smartsettle is a world-renowned provider of eNegotiation technologies, training and education.

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