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Smartsettle complies with Canadian anti-spam laws

Smartsettle complies with Canada’s anti-spam legislation, which came into effect on July 1, 2014. Smartsettle sends electronic messages to you only with your consent. Thank you very much for confirming your subscription if you arrived at this page because we reached out to you. If you are a new visitor, please say hello here and let us know what you think about Smartsettle.


Generally, Smartsettle is an online negotiation support and collaboration system (eNegotiation System) designed to put any number of decision makers with conflicting objectives in control of the negotiation process from beginning to end. The key difference compared to other negotiation support systems is Smartsettle's ability to work simultaneously with all parties through its neutral site and produce a timely outcome without leaving value on the table. Review the theoretical background here.

Our flagship product is Smartsettle Infinity for comprehensive negotiation support. For simple cases we have Smartsettle ONE. In development is a new product (code named “Smartsettle ONE to Infinity”) that will replace both existing products. It will be as easy to use as Smartsettle ONE and as powerful as Infinity.

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