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Training & Certification

The International eNegotiation Exhibition is the frontier of Online Negotiation, offering training that can help you achieve your goals, expand and improve your negotiation skills, and learn how to use Smartsettle to optimize negotiation outcomes.

The Education


Our eNegotiation centre offers a library of high-quality, interactive modules that cover topics such as process adaptations and building trust online. Can algorithms really be intelligent? Can they really work to find a better agreement for both sides? Come join us and find out! 

To join the eNegotiation revolution, go to and enroll now.

Self- Paced

Start learning at a time that is convenient for you. Our two hour eNegotiation Fundamentals course for Smartsettle ONE is the place to start.

Group Events

Group events run on a regular basis, and anyone interested in online negotiation can join. These group events are a lot of fun, and have participants from all over the world.


Questions?  contact us 

or explore our training program in more depth here.



Be a part of our growing community of certified Smartsettle users. Smartsettle Certification will put you on the leading edge of online negotiation.

Continuing Professional Development

The International eNegotiation Exhibition is recognized in some places as qualifying for Continuing Professional Development. Find out if it qualifies in your area.


Certificates FOR CPD & CLE                   ||||


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