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for negotiation analysis

Model, discover, compare and analyse potential outcomes

MODELLER characteristics and benefits:

  • Model your negotiation

    • Any number of parties

    • Any number of issues

      • Numerical or optioned​

    • Any level of complexity

  • Model the opposing view(s)

  • Compare and analyse potential outcomes

  • Save valuable time

  • Discover better solutions

  • Safe and secure

Modeller Intelligent Algorithms:

  • Comprehensive Preference Analysis      (CPA) - establishes intelligence

  • Visual Blind Bidding     (VBB) - saves valuable time

  • Reward Early Effort     (REE) - motivates collaboration

  • Fairness Enhancing Normalization     (FEN) - encourages interest-based negotiation

  • Maximize the Minimum Gain     (MMG) - uncovers up to 20% more value






Smartsettle Modeller – the World’s Most Advanced Negotiations

As the world’s most advanced negotiation system, Smartsettle Modeller can do what human minds alone cannot- model the problem, manage preference information, and allow you to quickly compare and analyse solutions. Modeller supports an unlimited number of quantitative or qualitative issues, and can be used to model the opposing side, and simulate a complete negotiation between any number of parties.

Introducing Smartsettle’s patented multivariate preference-modeling, problem-solving engine.

Much more than simply providing the functionality of spreadsheets and calculators, Modeller captures the complexities of real-world situations and provides a practical real-time tool that modern negotiators, mediators, arbitrators, businesses and governments alike have hitherto only dreamed of. The introduction of Smartsettle to agreement building, dealmaking and dispute resolution can be likened to the advent of CAD software (replacing pencil and paper) for engineers and architects, to model complex structures and develop better plans.

Shaking Hands

The culmination of decades of research and development by founder Dr. Ernest M. Thiessen and his team are behind the world’s first practical comprehensive collaboration system that may lead to a total paradigm shift in numerous industries.

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