Smartsettle Products

Resolving conflict in a more peaceful, collaborative and intelligent way throughout the world.

Smartsettle ONE

for single issues

Can your negotiation be easily simplified to a single numerical issue?

Solve it quickly with Smartsettle ONE.

ONE is the world’s most elegant single-issue, two-party negotiation app.

Settlement rates are maximized with proprietary algorithms that incentivize resolution, saving time, money and headaches for everyone. 

Smartsettle Infinity

for complex negotiations

Infinity is suitable for a wide range of collaborative multiparty decision making applications where the objective is to produce a formal  agreement.

Infinity can be configured to support a wide range of decision making processes from negotiation, facilitation and mediation to adjudication and arbitration.

Smartsettle MODELLER

negotiation advantage for a single party

Use our MODELLER to see how changes to your negotiation strategy or proposals will affect the outcome. Easily compare and analyse potential decisions.

Capable of modelling very complex negotiations, with multiple issues and constraints, the MODELLER will give you the negotiation advantage you need.

Smartsettle auction

for buyers & sellers

Our e-Auction app-service white-label is an implementation of the Smartsettle process for auctions with multiple buyers and sellers.


Using the Visual Blind Bidding technique, Smartsettle virtually eliminates the tedious dance that characterizes ordinary negotiations and reduces last minute sniping.

Smartsettle AaaS

for algorithm power anywhere

Smartsettle can be customized to fit your need. Algorithms as a Service through our API will keep you up to date with the latest intelligent thinking. Our products are suitable for a wide range of collaborative multiparty decision making applications can be integrated with your own application or solution.

Add your own logo, name, colors and to a white-label or widget that provides AI engines inside your own products.

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for your negotiations.

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