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for sophisticated negotiations

The world’s most advanced negotiation system, supporting the most complex negotiations on earth.

Smartsettle Infinity is our flagship product, the epitome of augmented intelligence. Model, facilitate and manage any complex formal negotiation, build in interdependencies and constraints, and easily analyze and compare various options. Uncover hidden value and reach agreement in a fraction of the time. Infinity is suitable for almost any type of collaborative multi-party decision making application that you can imagine. Infinity can be configured to support a wide range of decision making processes from negotiation, facilitation and mediation to adjudication and arbitration.

INFINITY characteristics and benefits:

  • Convenient & Flexible

    • Face-to-face or online

    • Synchronous or asynchronous

    • Maximum party control

  • Comprehensive & Scalable

    • Any number of parties

    • Any number of issues

    • Any type of issue

      • Numerical or optioned

    • Any level of complexity

  • Safe and secure neutral site

    • Minimize bias

    • Collaborate without risk

      • no party ever sees another party's preferences

  • Smart & Efficient

    • Augment intelligence

    • Save time and money

    • Leave no value on the table

Infinity Intelligent Algorithms:

  • Comprehensive Preference Analysis      (CPA) - establishes intelligence

  • Visual Blind Bidding     (VBB) - saves valuable time

  • Reward Early Effort     (REE) - motivates collaboration

  • Fairness Enhancing Normalization     (FEN) - encourages interest-based negotiation

  • Maximize the Minimum Gain     (MMG) - uncovers hidden value






Smartsettle Infinity – the World’s Most Advanced Collaboration & Negotiation System

As the world’s most advanced negotiation system, Smartsettle Infinity can do what human minds alone cannot- model the problem, manage preference information, and quickly optimize solutions. Infinity supports an unlimited number of quantitative or qualitative issues between any number of parties in any combination of real-time and asynchronous negotiations, whether face-to-face or over great distances, anywhere on Earth. This technology is housed at a secure neutral site on the internet where adversaries are turned into collaborators.

Introducing Smartsettle’s patented multivariate preference-modeling, problem-solving engine.

Much more than simply providing the functionality of spreadsheets and calculators, Infinity captures the complexities of real-world situations and provides a practical real-time tool that modern negotiators, mediators, arbitrators, businesses and governments alike have hitherto only dreamed of. The introduction of Smartsettle to agreement building, dealmaking and dispute resolution can be likened to the advent of CAD software (replacing pencil and paper) for engineers and architects, to model complex structures and develop better plans.

Shaking Hands

Visual Blind Bidding within Infinity scales to any number of issues and parties virtually eliminating the negotiation dance that characterizes ordinary negotiations. Infinity also uses another optimization algorithm to Maximize the Minimum Gain, ensuring that no hidden value remains on the table. Dr. Ernest Thiessen’s research predicted 16% better results in a certain class of two-party problems. Our real-world experience is starting to produce results that confirm those predictions and we would like to demonstrate that to you too.

Smartsettle levels the playing field so that individuals can negotiate with corporations or much larger enterprises, and rewards professional negotiating behavior to move parties more quickly through to resolution. The culmination of decades of research and development by founder Dr. Ernest M. Thiessen and his team are behind the world’s first practical comprehensive collaboration system that may lead to a total paradigm shift in numerous industries.

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