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for monetary issues

Resolve financial negotiations easily and quickly online

Smartsettle ONE applies intelligent algorithms

to help parties quickly achieve a satisfactory outcome.

Smartsettle ONE

is the world’s most elegant and intelligent negotiation app for two-party formal negotiations that can easily be reduced to a single numerical issue. Five sophisticated algorithms, including Visual Blind Bidding and Reward Early Effort motivate the parties to collaborate and virtually eliminate the tedious dance that characterizes ordinary negotiations. The result is increased settlement rates, saving time, money, and headaches.

Parties can securely access Smartsettle ONE online and be guided through a complete process from intake to the final solution. The simple logical process can be easily followed by anyone willing to first practice against the robot. Mediators or facilitators may be employed if desired. The ability to proceed in a synchronous or asynchronous manner makes the process very convenient for parties with demanding schedules. 

The outcome is automatically documented at the end of the process in the form of a certified PDF. 

Contact us if you wish to incorporate Smartsettle ONE as a branded solution within your own website. Training is available in the form of edutainment at the International eNegotiation Tournament.

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