Smartsettle to host “Open House” competition

VANCOUVER — Thursday, November 11, 2008 — Smartsettle will host an “Open House” competition for law schools beginning today and ending December 2. All participants will be considered full participants. To qualify, simply enter “Open House” when asked for a sponsor code.

Instructors, please pass this invitation along to your students, colleagues and professional associates for an opportunity to see first-hand the latest in eNegotiation technology. There is no requirement to RSVP. Everyone is welcome. Register now at the International eNegotiation Exhibition.

The platform being demonstrated is the two-party, single-issue negotiation system known as Smartsettle One. The format for the demonstration will be a competition in which learners and instructors from around the world will engage in a series of asynchronous negotiations, where professional performers–those who are successful in a balance between fair techniques and preservation of interest for their party–will be awarded top placement on the eNegotiation Tournament Standings.

Please send any questions or special requests for the event to the eNegotiation Exhibition Registrar.

About the eNegotiation Tournament

The purpose of this site is to increase awareness of emerging eNegotiation technology and provide education about effective online negotiation and dispute resolution. Participation is open to anyone, anywhere in the world. Competitors include university students, practitioners seeking continuing education, and ADR enthusiasts. A wide variety of disciplines are represented: conflict resolution, labor relations, industrial relations, law, and general business. Participants negotiate the outcomes of a number of pre-defined issues in a hypothetical negotiation case.

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