Smartsettle tackles Climate Change at Cyberweek 2015

Update: Archive of webinar showing the full simulation is now available here on vimeo.

Smartsettle has been featured at Cyberweek almost every year since the online event began two decades ago. This year at Cyberweek 2015 the presenters will be Dr. Ernest Thiessen (Smartsettle Inventor and Founder of iCan Systems Inc.) and Alex Cocoziello (Management Consultant & Smartsettle Associate). The topic will be “Climate Change Negotiations with Smartsettle Infinity“. Nearly all scientists agree that we must take action on climate change now — or face a devastating cascade of natural disasters that will change life on earth as we know it. Translating that imperative into effective decisions is no easy matter. The Smartsettle Infinity eNegotiation system can help decision makers that are motivated to reach agreement and move them from competition to cooperation in spite of their differences. This webinar will include a simulation showing how donor nations providing funding can be included in a negotiation between three hypothetical countries to minimize their carbon footprint in a watershed management agreement. The presenters will show how Smartsettle simplifies their negotiation by modelling the problem in a way that makes it easy to compare alternatives and come to a solution that achieves climate change goals while maximizing their mutual satisfaction with the outcome.

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