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The USAID New Justice Program held a conference in Kyiv (Kiev), Ukraine on September 19 & 20 titled ‘ODR and the Courts: Improving Access to Justice in the Ukraine’. Graham Ross, a UK Lawyer/Mediator, Expert Advisor and Trainer in ODR (, engaged the audience in a role-play describing the process used by An Olive Branch and Smartsettle One+ to quickly solve a monetary dispute. The demonstration showed how a collaborative approach brings the parties together more quickly and how Visual Blind Bidding virtually eliminates the tedious negotiation dance that characterizes ordinary negotiations. The role-play was live-streamed in Ukrainian by USAID on Youtube at 7:00 am (PST) on September 19th, 2017  (Grahams’s presentation is introduced at 7:26). This video is not available everywhere – try on your desktop if it doesn’t play on your smartphone. If you don’t understand Ukrainian you might be better off first reading the related documents below (which are in English).

Related documents can be downloaded via the links below:

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