Smartsettle featured at ADR Conference


James Loewen and Dr. Ernest Thiessen presented in two separate sessions at the ADR Institute of Canada National Conference held during Oct 24 – 25, 2013. In one workshop James Loewen acquainted participants with the use of eNegotiation and Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) technology in Family disputes. After exploring some of the challenges of resolving family disputes using technology, participants were shown how Family agreements could be created using Smartsettle Infinity.


A second workshop acquainted participants more generally with the opportunities of technology and ADR. This session was moderated by Colm Brannigan of The presenters were Colin Rule representing Modria, Lloyd Gallagher representing Gallagher & Co Consultants Ltd. and Dr Ernest Thiessen representing Smartsettle. After each presenter gave a demonstration of their own system, Colm Brannigan led a discussion comparing the systems. Brannigan explained that ODR is about more than just applying technology to existing processes: it is an evolving and new field where technology has been called the “fourth” party.

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