Smartsettle Competition for Law Schools at Cyberweek 2008


VANCOUVER–Thursday, August 28, 2008–Law Schools in numerous countries will participate in a Smartsettle One competition hosted by the International eNegotiation Tournament at Cyberweek 2008 (Oct 13-18). Law students who plan to attend Cyberweek may join the competition any time after Sept 1. Winners will be announced at the Cyberweek closing ceremonies on Oct 18, 2008.

The objective of the competition is to contrast traditional adversarial negotiation tactics with the advantages of early intervention and collaboration using technology-assisted methods:

  1. higher settlement rates

  2. time and cost savings

  3. improved relationships

Students with experience using Smartsettle One will have the opportunity to compete with Smartsettle Infinity, where they will learn how preference analysis and optimization can be used to uncover hidden value and reach better agreements.

Credit for course work will be dependent on each instructor.

Register now. Admission is free to Cyberweek attendees. If asked for a coupon code, enter ‘CYBERWEEK’.

Thank you,

eNegotiation Registrar

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