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Small Claims Competition From BC to Ontario

VANCOUVER — Monday, February 2, 2009 — The Smartsettle One Competition for Small Claims has concluded, after successful participation by various BC parties and over 50 students from the University of Ottawa under the direction of professor Marina Pavlovic at the Faculty of Law, Common Law Section.

Nearly 100 demonstration cases were settled between negotiating parties over the course of the event and participation was enthusiastic.

“I truly enjoyed using Smartsettle… exploring the use of a negotiating range and understanding the interplay of an ideal outcome, bottom line and negotiation goal in a live, real-time setting.” – L.C.

“Dispute resolution mechanisms like [Smartsettle] are paving the way, and setting a new standard for professionals involved in A.D.R.  The technology… is indeed very promising, and will no doubt change the way that disputes are resolved in the coming years.” – G.H.

“Smartsettle is an efficient and necessary tool in negotiations.” – D.S.

“Participating in this Smartsettle competition was challenging and fun, and an interesting learning experience in the benefit of moving to a realistic settlement range quickly.” – C.C.

The International eNegotiation Tournament serves organizations around the world looking to introduce their members, students, faculty or employees to eNegotiation and Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) technologies. The tournament has generated interest for some time and since the introduction of the Smartsettle One competition has enabled entire groups of participants to register and begin negotiating with only ten minutes of training provided upon user registration and login.

Smartsettle’s One to Infinity suite (simple single-issue, two party and complex multi-issue, multilateral editions respectively) offer previously unheard of capabilities for use in real-world negotiations. Learning about eNegotiation in a hands-on experience has proven to be the fastest means of understanding the technology and methodologies.

Contact us to schedule a competition (system trial) for your group.

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