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eNegotiation Systems Overview

Ken Fraser, Lana Okerlund, & Ernest Thiessen BC Supply Chain Council Meyers Norris Penny and MML

Metropolitan Hotel, Vancouver BCMarch 31, 2005.

For more details visit the BC Supply Chain Council page.

In addition to training and orientation sessions targeted at specific user groups, Smartsettle is also featured regularly at conferences, forums and other public events. Please contact us if you wish to invite Smartsettle to present at your event.

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Smartsettle complies with Canadian anti-spam laws

Smartsettle complies with Canada’s anti-spam legislation, which came into effect on July 1, 2014. Smartsettle sends electronic messages to you only with your consent. Thank you very much for confirmin

Smartsettle Powered Auctions

When Smartsettle intelligence is applied to the auction process, outcomes are optimized for both buyers and sellers. No other auction in the world can boast like this. Smartsettle-powered auctions are


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