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Invite others to the new way to negotiate.
Our online solutions will provide

better outcomes for all in a collaborative way.

Where Smartsettle Solutions can be used

Smartsettle Products

Integrate Smartsettle products onto your own website.

Family Resolution Centre

Smartsettle's facilitators can help you with family negotiations.


Top-down auctions benefit both the buyer and seller.


Smartsettle Infinity can be beneficially applied to the world's most complex negotiations.

Domain Names

Smartsettle is the go to product for online negotiations.

Decision Support

Be confident that you are making the best possible decision.

Real Estate

Bridging the gap between buyers and sellers.

First Nations

Smartsettle is proud to be working with BC First Nations

Estate Settlements

We can help you create a formal negotiated agreement.

Environmental Resources

Smartsettle Infinity offers hope for the most complex multilateral negotiations.


Insurance disputes can be efficiently resolved using Smartsettle's Online Solutions Technology.

Human Resources

Build agreements with your employees that all of you can celebrate.

Student Unions

A level playing field is the basis for a fair solution.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Complex negotiations demand intelligent solutions.

Catalyzing Justice

Immediation is a new ecosystem for public and private justice.

The eNegotiation Exhibition

Learn about the intelligent thinking behind Smartsettle products.

Clinical Trials

Supporting Clinical Trial negotiations is easy with Smartsettle Infinity.


Delivering benefits to supply agreements.


Fair agreements start and end though Smartsettle collaborative negotiations.

Small Claims

Resolve your Small Claims disputes efficiently using Smartsettle’s Online Solutions Technology

Future Expansion

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