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UNCITRAL promotes ODR for cross border eCommerce disputes

For immediate release, March 16/2016

The United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) has released a draft document on ODR policies for cross border eCommerce transactions. Soon to release Smartsettle One, iCan Systems Inc. , based in Vancouver BC Canada, is well-positioned to service the need for efficient resolution of eCommerce disputes. Smartsettle One, which implements a proprietary process called Visual Blind Bidding, may be used by traders and consumers to resolve complex disputes that can be easily reduced to a single numerical issue, like price.

A major concern for ODR users is the security of the process in the online environment. Security in a public ODR system should meet well-recognized industry standards so that the users can place their full confidence in the online resolution of eCommerce disputes. All aspects of security should be encompassed in a comprehensive system that keeps pace with the ever-changing technology on the Internet, including authentication, signature,encryption,control of information and confidentiality.

The International ODR community has been watching Smartsettle over many years  of development and many practitioners are keenly anticipating the imminent release and news about live applications. One of these practitioners is Law Professor Xuhui (Michael) Fang  of Nanchang University in China. Michael is currently a representative on the UNCITRAL working group committee. He has been engaging with Smartsettle at the International eNegotiation Exhibition, first as a student at Washington University and later in 2011 as a professor at Nangchang University bringing his own students to the events. Professor Fang is currently seeking to introduce Smartsettle to China in a bigger way.

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