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iCan Systems Inc. is the maker of Smartsettle, the world’s only secure eNegotiation system using patented optimization algorithms to achieve fair and efficient solutions that are truly Beyond Win-Win®.

iCan invented the negotiation support system neutral site that elicits and manages preferences for any number of parties with conflicting objectives on any number of issues and generates potential agreements based on party preferences. iCan’s intellectual property also includes the multivariate visual blind bidding method and various other negotiation processes.

Smartsettle puts decision-makers in control, accelerates the process, and produces more satisfactory results.

Following are some of Smartsettle’s advantages:

Faster settlement

Ideal for early intervention

Preference analysis and optimization providing increased satisfaction for ALL parties

Collaboration process with no posturing or confrontations

State-of-the-art interactive interface

Simultaneous online responses in real-time avoiding phone tag

No solution declared without explicit acceptance by all parties

Unattended, automated process for simple cases

Facilitated process for more complex cases

Choice of visible proposals or blind acceptance

Support for multiple quantitative or qualitative issues

Support for multiple parties

Less than half the cost of litigation


A team of certified Smartsettle facilitators are available to assist with any type of problem.

Learn more here about Smartsettle and Peace Summit Technologies (VCC) Inc. 

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